Yankee Ridge Elementary School

Things People Appreciate

Family gatherings at school: fine arts, movie night, back to school picnic

It's such a great time for our kids to show us their school and for us to meet their friends and other parents. It's fun for the kids to show us where they are all day and for us, as parents, to get engaged.


The staff at Yankee Ridge are very welcoming to both new staff and students. Staff work together to help one another out as needed which directly effects (in a positive way) the experiences that students have here at Yankee Ridge on a daily basis.

Our staff is dedicated and works hard

Our instruction staff cares so much for the kids in their charge, and works very hard to impart learning.

Sense of community

I really enjoy the school, and how friendly the staff is towards my child. I am unable to provide everything that I believe she deserves, so for me to see her getting extra help and attention with her studies makes me deeply grateful.


We love the arts program - dance, music, art, drama. We appreciate the PTA's willingness to pay for many field trips so that all students can attend. The library is wonderful. The brain breaks and multiple recesses each day are so good for my kids. And the focus on nutrition has been great.

Some Concerns

The school could use updating/expansion

The building is aging and seems to be at capacity. An expansion would be amazing.

The lack of daily physical education

The kids need to be more physically active which is been researched to show that humans have better academic outcomes when they are healthy and challenged physically.

Class sizes are too large

At times, there have been up to 30 students in a single class. This makes it much more challenging for the classroom teacher to meet the individual needs of his/her students and to ensure that the students are following school expectations.

Academically stronger kids are not challenged enough

I have seen various elementary school curricula in other countries and know that children at this age can perform at a higher level, especially in math. I realize that there's an economical and social aspect to the problem here, but still, it would be nice if there was more differentiation.

I'd like to see the kids have more time to eat their lunch, not to rush

Having a good meal during the day can help a child to feel comfortable, help them to pay attention, to think better. It is also a good time to socialize with classmates.

Things you Want your Child to Experience

A dedicated gym

It's time for the district to build a gym. The long winter months when the kids can't go outside for recess and instead have to sit inside and watch a movie and be quiet is ridiculous. These are children! They need time and a place to run and socialize. You would probably find a lot of behavior problems solved.

Smaller class sizes/larger physical space

Gifted program

I would love to see opportunities for a gifted program. There are after-school enrichment classes, which are great. The teachers also do a great job of pairing student partners to work together so that the kids who learn quickly can help their peers. Does Urbana have any sort of gifted program?

Foreign language

I would say introducing a foreign language at a young age would be very beneficial and a great foundation to make it easier to learn and become fluent in the long run. It seems that Spanish would be particularly useful, and I am surprised that there is not something in place already.


It would be beneficial for students to receive PE instruction from a PE teacher vs the classroom teacher. This would especially beneficial during the winter months when students are not able to be outside for recess, lunch recess and PE.











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Yankee Ridge Elementary School

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