Wiley Elementary School

Things People Appreciate

I love the diversity of children that attend our school

The children seem to be benefiting from interacting daily with a variety of students.

The fine arts programs is incredibly great!

Wiley School is so lucky to have such a great fine arts program built up to what it is today from many years work. Hopefully it will stay this way in spite of personnel changes at the school. The fine arts teachers, dance and drama, and music teachers should be really proud of all they've done!

The Wiley PTA works really hard for the teachers, students and school

The Principal, teacher representatives and parents work hand in hand to benefit Wiley School. The working relationship is really good and the PTA is very welcoming to new families that want to be actively involved. They also try to show families ways to help.

The teachers are very approachable

I feel that every teacher wants to communicate with parents, reach out for support, and provide support for the various issues our students may encounter. Teachers want to ensure they've done the very best in helping children learn and grow.

Wiley School does a lot with a small amount of resources

Teachers and staff are really good at coming up with ways to do things without a lot of resources

Some Concerns

Class Size

Some of the class sizes (Kindergarten) are ridiculously big. The teachers are great, but it isn't fair to the teachers or the students to have classes bigger than other elementary schools or even classes bigger than most middle school classes.

Teachers and staff need more support in classrooms

The district does not provide enough aides in the classrooms. Something must be done. Children are stressed when teachers have to continually address behavioral, emotional, and mental health issues in the classroom. More help would allow the teacher to teach, and address students educational needs.

Why is Wiley School so far down on the renovation schedule?

Not much to say here, everyone knows what needs to be done for our school. But why do additional improvements get done to already renovated schools, while Wiley School has so many problems?

Why isn't there a gifted track program in the elementary schools?

There is a massive overemphasis on resources for underperforming students. High achieving students are more than frequently left to fend for themselves and not given enough academic attention. There should be a gifted track program for all of the elementary schools.

More support or services for social and emotional difficulties with students

While we have curriculum, many times the needs of our students outweighs the resources/services provided to help address these concerns. I'd love to see more resources provided to students who don't qualify for an IEP but still have extreme issues functioning in the world around them.

Things you Want your Child to Experience

More experiences in the community.

There is a lack of resources and funding to support multiple field trips per year to do things in the community.

It would be great to have actual Physical Education classes

Not sure why there are no PE teachers in elementary school. The teachers do the best they can. They could use more equipment! They seem to have fun in PE, but it would be good to have more. Even need new balls for the playground!

Smaller class sizes

I believe that every student should experience a smaller class size. As an educator, I have been able to tell the difference in learning when class sizes are smaller.

Capital spending on the school needs to be improved/accelerated

Students need separate Gym/cafeteria space and general capital improvements to fix the general rough condition of the facilities.

Wiley School needs Playground improvement!

Just take a look at the playgrounds, old disintegrating landscape timbers, out of date equipment, etc. Other schools have such nicer playground areas. Kids don't have the equipment to get good exercise out there! But where is the funding for that? Our children make do with very little, though!











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Wiley Elementary School

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