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Things People Appreciate

Out front

Urbana is typically out front and ahead of the curve with new initiatives and state mandates - especially compared to our neighboring districts. Urbana is a leader in the state on many of these, such as PERA implementation and the Dual Language Program.

Proud to work in a District that takes into account the whole child

I appreciate that we view our students not only through the lens of grades and test scores. It is important to respect that children all learn differently and bring a variety of challenges to the classroom.


I really appreciate that hard work done by the staff is recognized frequently. It is nice to see what our teachers have accomplished, or even staff in other buildings. The Unsung Hero awards make everyone feel included. It is also nice to be updated about student achievements.

Providing for the nutritional needs of all of our students

I applaud the district for participating in the CEP program which allows all students to eat breakfast and lunch free of charge.

We are a diverse and unique community of students, families, and staff

It is important for me to work and send my children to schools where a diverse community of learners are represented. I want to be surrounded by a community where everyone is welcome and respected. Respecting diversity is a work in progress but a path I hope we continue to take.

Some Concerns

Equitable fiscal resources to meet increasing needs of our students

State and federal monetary resources continue to shrink (and local property tax resources are capped), while the needs of our students continue to increase for a variety of reasons. We need more equitable revenues from the state!

Are we investing enough fiscal resources in technology?

Technology infrastructure and devices for our staff and students that will allow us to take full advantage of integration of technology into instruction in such a way that is sustainable and allows us to be cutting edge in our educational practice.


How do we balance good communication with everyone, but not overwhelm people? People would be happier if they truly knew the major wins, battles, and projects that others were doing across the district, but we don't have a good system for this. Same for communication with families and our community.

I would like to see our successes receive more widespread recognition

By this, I mean both academic successes and extra-curricular successes, and not just sports, but also music, art, drama, etc. Since we sometimes do not have the cooperation of mainstream media outlets, perhaps we need to create our own media. This also extends to communication with alumni.

We need to continue the process of upgrading all of our facilities

The District needs to honor its commitment to renovate and update all of the elementary buildings, creating instructional space for today. We also need to make sure this is done in as efficient process as possible, understanding that District taxpayers have already been hit with high tax increases.

Things you Want your Child to Experience

Everyday use of technology to enhance learning

this is the 'future ready' piece

We need to continue providing many opportunities for our students

The beauty of this District is the many different opportunities available to its students. I hope we will continue to expand and meet the needs of our students and their families. I hope families will continue to choose Urbana Schools because of its diversity and uniqueness.

I would really love to have every school offer a dual language program

I think it's incredibly important for our children to grow up speaking multiple languages as the world seems smaller and more globally accessible with technology. The program should not be limited to 2 elementary schools. It should continue through graduation.

Personalized learning

Students should be challenged and supported in real world problem solving. We need to re-think and re-learn how to engage students in meaningful learning. More internship and college level experiences.

Learning that takes place outside of the classroom walls

Some students have opportunities to experience learning outside of school, such as Dual Credit courses and the CU 1:1 Summer Internship Program. However, Urbana should provide opportunities like this to ALL students, e.g., virtual classrooms, community-based learning, internships.











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