Urbana Middle School

Things People Appreciate

The extra curricular activities and programs

Although my child does not partake in many of the programs/clubs offered, I think it's great that they are offered. The Splash Club, homework help before school, the robotics club, the math and science program. They offer options for different likes and interests, but also to help enrich the learning

Music education

The school does a wonderful job offering opportunities for music education at the school. The music instructors are fabulous.

The staff, on the whole, is very caring and engaging

Attitude of the staff has a tremendous impact on the overall school environment. I see teachers every day going above and beyond for their students, which is why I believe it is so crucial that they feel supported. I don't want to lose good teachers because they get burnt out dealing with behavior


Kids should attend school with all sorts of students, not just those from one class, background, or ethnicity. UMS is diverse!

When given time, teachers are willing to collaboratively solve problems

Most UMS teachers are very professional when interacting with families. They understand they have roles and responsibilities and are willing to work with families. When given time to prepare for meetings, they come prepared to work.

Some Concerns

That there is only one social worker for three grades

Teachers, students, and all staff often have referrals to the social worker, which is, of course, needed. I do feel there is a need for more mental health support, ones that students trust and ones that understand mental health.


It is essential that all students, faculty, and staff treat one another with respect at all times. This includes language as well as action.

A few students disrupting many students

While most of the students are great, a few students regularly disrupt classes which keeps teachers from teaching and other students from learning. When teachers have to manage behavior issues, it takes away from the kids who want more knowledge.


The numerous fights that have occurred warrants some concern for the safety of administrators, teachers, and other students who are not involved.

Students not challenged enough academically

I want my child to go to a strong public school with high educational standards that go above and beyond standardized testing and really challenge the students to think bigger and be more inventive.

Things you Want your Child to Experience

Freedom to sit where they want at lunch

It's working out ok for my son but it seems very restrictive for some to NEVER eat with grade school friends, etc. What is the rationale? What is the harm of breaking down the barriers? There are some unnecessarily painful separations in my view.

Lunch recess/free time

When I was in middle school, we had lunch recess. After we ate, we could go outside & run around for a little bit. I still think students this age need time to run around, have fun, & socialize. They're still children who can get restless. Especially since P.E is quarterly replaced by health class.

Gifted or more advanced classes

My children should be able to participate in more rigorous/challenging classes where teachers are not only teaching to the middle. They should be excited about trying, persevering through more difficult skills/content than is offered in the regular classroom.

An environment free from bullying

Our child and his friends have been bullied multiple times. Despite budgetary limitations, USD 116 needs to think outside the box and seek alternative funding sources in order too provide at-risk students access to the READY program which will meet their social, emotional & academic needs.

Smaller class-size/better student to teacher ratios

UMS is simply too big and cannot necessarily do its best work with this many children.











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