Urbana High School

Things People Appreciate

I appreciate that my teachers are there for me when I need them most

I think this is important because it really helps me solve my problems and frustrations. It's nice to hear what others, who have more knowledge in life give advice about things. I also appreciate that my teachers talk to me like I'm another one of their friends.


Urbana has a very open and understanding culture. We except everyone for who they are. Teachers and support staff work together very well for the most part.

Music education at UHS is phenomenal

The music education (e.g., choir, wind symphony, orchestra) is phenomenal with its knowledgeable and dedicated teachers and staff. Please have more concerts!


I love that my kid is with students from diverse SES and racial/ethnic backgrounds at UHS. Students' experiences are much richer and they are better prepared to enter the world because of this. Tensions around these issues seem surprisingly minimal compared to many other settings. Go UHS!

The administration and guidance counselors

The school staff are very actively involved with the life of the school. Their sincere interest is often in contrast with the home life of many students brings dignity to school activities

Some Concerns

Timeliness and accuracy of the Skyward entries

This is a struggle every year. Missing entries, incorrect entries, teachers who wait till the end of progression to enter. What good is online access if the information is incomplete or incorrect?

Student respect

As a student I notice that some of my classmates can be rude or disrespectful to teachers, staff and each other. I believe that this behavior roots elsewhere, for example home. This creates a negative and distracting atmosphere.

Class sizes and disruptive behavior and disrespectful students

I feel like teachers with large class sizes don't have the ability to get to know each child and how best to motivate them and teach them. I feel like just because my child doesn't have behavior problems that they don't get the attention of telling them they are doing a positive things.

Many of our students live in poverty

Because of this, they have difficulty being on time, or they arrive in school without sleep, food, or school supplies. These effects are cumulative over the course of their childhoods, so by the time they arrive in high school, they are far behind their peers who have grown up with more resources.

I have seen a steady increase in serious mental health needs in students

There are not enough resources at UHS to consistently address these needs. Social worker, psychologist, and counselors are routinely requested to provide hours of mental health support to students in addition to the daily requirements of our jobs. Outside resources also stretchered thin.

Things you Want your Child to Experience

More language classes

I would love to see Chinese, in particular, offered at the high school. I am glad that French, Spanish, and German are offered, but it would be great to have even more language-learning opportunities at the school.

Study skills classes

Students need to learn how to be a student and the skills it takes to be a good students.

Earlier college readiness information

Career planning and exposure

I would like my children to have more opportunities to speak with or listen to people with different careers. I see there are A LOT of college visits, but why not...An architect visit, A Nurse visit, An engineer visit, A mechanic visit, An artist visit, A banker visit, teacher, etc.

A team approach for students struggling academically, emotionally, socially

Teens who slip through the cracks need to know there is a community of caring people watching them and in communication with each other so they can't hide from or avoid their responsibilities. It takes a village to encourage a teen on the right path.











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