Urbana Early Childhood School

Things People Appreciate

Great to have principal and other higher level staff involved in IEP's

It has been a great change to have the principal and other higher level staff involved more in the IEPs.

Clear expectations/use of positive language

Teachers, specialists, and other UECS staff explain, reinforce, and model expectations in a way that the students understand and are excited to follow, remind and prompt each other about. They absolutely foster a caring classroom community.


I love the fact that UECS gives parents so many opportunities to participate... whether they are planning family fun nights, parent enrichment activities, or having committee meetings, these guys are all in with and all about community inclusion. Kudos for that!

Classrooms and facilities are excellent

The classrooms and facilities are excellent.

I appreciate the supportive and close knit environment

Everyone at our school is very supportive of one another and assists wherever needed. We are a staff that comes together to tackle challenging issues as a team. We genuinely care for on another and help each other through personal and professional problems.

Some Concerns

Possible lack of commitment by board members/stakeholders

I'm concerned that early childhood may not be a priority to the board or other stakeholders. Transportation is a huge barrier for many Urbana families but I know that busing came very close to being cut this school year. That can't happen. Families and the community need UECS.

UECS staff need more community/volunteer/parent support

The UECS staff is amazing. However, they work long hours and all of their outreach events are facilitated by the staff. If they are always the ones managing, planning, and problem-solving, when will they have time to actually connect with families and enjoy themselves without burning out?


Our program does so much for so many children and families, and it is worrisome knowing that funding could be cut. I believe that the services and experiences that most children and families receive in our school helps them develop a positive attitude about education and why school is important.

My concern is the amount of work that is added to the teachers

We have very hard working dedicated teachers in our district but they are being asked to do more and more every year particularly paperwork to prove that they are teaching and doing their job. Many of our best teachers are getting burnt out and aren't able to spend quality hands on time with student

Concerns regarding UECS

A tuition based option would allow students who don't qualify but need services to attend school.

Things you Want your Child to Experience

Music Class

If UECS could offer a music class for the youngsters that would be great! What youngster doesn't love to tap rhythm sticks and ring jingle bells and sing! Just one more way to reach children...

Practice what you preach

The kids are taught Go, Slow, Wow when discussing food, but the school serves mostly Slow foods. We need to serve our children healthy foods. Apples, pears, oranges, peaches, pears, grapes, bananas, carrots, broccoli, peas, green beans, peppers, celery, cheese and no sugar added yogurt.

The chance to learn about different cultures

More support in learning how to play/interact with peers

Some students struggle with peer interaction. When a child shows an adult something, it would be nice if more adults acknowledged what the child shared and then helped that child show one of his/her peers.

Longer days

I am worried that with the short days she may not be used to it when she starts full day kindergarten. Maybe an option for longer days when the child is about to go to kindergarten.











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