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Things People Appreciate

You have an absolutely amazing staff who care about the students

Your staff is extremely supportive of your students both in and out of the school environment. They help students problem-solve and offer their network of connections to assist students in resolving issues that could interfere with the student's ability to focus on his/her coursework.

I believe the adult classes are very important to people in Champaign

I appreciate adult education students

It takes courage and perseverance to return to a school setting when past experiences are filled with barriers and failures for one reason or another. I admire the students because they juggle many responsibilities, tackle subjects that are challenging to them, and dare to hope for a better future.

The schedules are flexible

No matter what's going on in your life, adult Ed has a schedule to fit in for you to attend school. They are all understanding that things come up in life, but are always there to help.

I appreciate the team of instructors

I like the team of instructional staff that bonds together, shores one another up, and works toward a common goal.

Some Concerns

I am concerned by funding for adult education

Although adult education is a nominal member of the school district, there is no allocation of moneys to support its programs, no sharing in the sales tax moneys, etc. State budget failures unfairly impact adult education which is forced to rely solely on grant-based funding.

I hope we have the budget so we can provide everything education to graduate

I know there are a lot of people that want to finish school and need this program and if the doors close and lose funding for the school then others wont get the chance to finish school.

I am concerned that adult education is not an equal partner Urbana SD116

Both studies and anecdotal information details the importance of educating the adults in a family. There is a direct correlation between the educational buy-in of the adults and role models children have and their success - or lack thereof - in school.

The main concern about our school is funding

The State is not funding the programs that are necessary to guarantee a yearlong program in Adult Education. It is difficult to have staff that will continue to work in the programs when they aren't guaranteed a job or a salary. It is much easier to look elsewhere. We need a grant writer to explore all areas of funding.

Funds for our schools, and adult classes are needed

Things you Want your Child to Experience

I would like my child to be able to experience parents' opinion & authority,

especially in USA. It looks like children build their future depending on their own opinion and most of the time, unfortunately, they are wrong

I would like students who struggle with behavioral issues to have more support

It would take long-range, consistent support, increased staffing, and money to retrain students to more effective behavior which would lead to more success at school. Patterns of behavior that began in dysfunctional families cannot be overcome with detentions or a single circle of justice.

The children may be losing out on opportunities without State funding

I would like for my students to experience life-enriching activites

I would like my students to be exposed to other cultures, philosophies, and hope beyond their current experiences. Many of my students have never: seen a zoo, seen the stars at a planetarium, known how a fancy cheese tastes, pictured themselves successful in school or able to stay out of court, etc.

It is important to make sure you do all you can to help your child get an












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