Thomas Paine Elementary School

Things People Appreciate

The principal, staff and PTA

Mrs. Cooper is a great principal. She is fair, encouraging and very supportive. I can say the same for the teachers and staff. We have an excellent PTA which helps provide much needed technology. I think the school does a good job keeping up with technology.

School activities.

We all appreciate the wonderful school activities that are offered throughout the year. Thomas Paine is an awesome school!

A Welcoming Heart

Every time I step into the school, I am always welcomed by each person that I see. It warms my heart to know that parents are being recognized from beginning to end, and not just ignored as if I don't matter. I love the atmosphere there!

I really like class dojo!

Class dojo has been a nice way to see what my child is receiving positive points for but it has also been a nice (and easy) communication tool for me to get in touch with teachers.

Dual language programs

I think the dual language program at Leal and Paine are wonderful. I just wish that there were more programs like these at all of the elementary schools. I haven't been made to feel like these programs are available to all students.

Some Concerns

Lack of parental involvement

A school can only excel when the parents are involved. There are so many school functions that are poorly attended and others that need way more parental help than they are getting. It's the same parents that show up time and again and these parents are getting burned out.

Testing & measurement vs instruction

I believe that measuring a student's progress is important. However, I sometimes feel that the testing/measurement piece is focused on more than the instruction.

How well are the teachers being treated?

Not only in terms of how much they get paid, but are opportunities for professional development being made, and do they feel listened to by administration? Is it a happy work environment?

No physical education in elementary school

I am very concerned that our children do not have a dedicated PE teacher teaching them about physical education. We rely on the interest of the classroom teacher in this area to offer PE time. As child PE was when I learned about health and fitness as well as many of the sports and their rules that

Gifted education

Our brightest students are not getting the support they need to reach their potential. Differentiation within the classroom is not working as a sole strategy. I would like to see much more thought, effort, and resources put into helping gifted students excel.

Things you Want your Child to Experience

More field trips to hands on learning

Trips to some of the resources here like the university library, the astronomy tower, horse farms etc.

More space

I can't think of much that our children are denied in their education here, but having a separate eating/playing space, where everyone isn't packed into the gym for everything, would be wonderful.

Foreign language exposure/Cursive Writing

I would love for my child to get some foreign language experience. Research shows the younger we start the easier it is. At home we have been working a little on a couple of different languages but not consistently. I also think that Cursive writing should still be a part of the curriculum.

After school programs in elementary school geared toward music or academics

I wish my kids could take a foreign language after school or take piano lessons.

School clubs

I would like to see elementary schools have various school clubs for students who excel in various subjects (ex. math, science, reading, etc.). This could help build a foundation for students to get involved in school activities, clubs, or organizations by the time they are in high school.











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