Dr. Preston L. Williams Jr. Elementary School

Things People Appreciate

Dual Language Program

Love the program and staff; glad to see the district leading a cutting-edge program.

Teachers and staff

The teachers and staff are dedicated professionals that work extraordinarily hard to best meet the challenges that walk through the doors daily. They also try very diligently to meet the increasing demands placed upon them by the district and testing while dealing with a host of outside influences.


I love that the school and our community in general is very diverse and has introduced my child to a wide variety of people


I love the wonderful events that the school puts on, such as open house, family reading night, etc. It is nice for the families to be able to go to the school and participate in those things outside of the work day.

I appreciate having the upgrades to our building

I look forward to having central air next year.

Some Concerns

Lunchtime for students

The last kids in each class lunch line barely have enough time to sit down and eat before the staff are dismissing them. 10 minutes to eat is not enough time.

Class size

The students here exhibit great needs emotionally, behaviorally, and academically. Smaller class size would help meet the needs of these students. If we are doing what is best for all students, then we need to be able to give them the services they require.

More social workers needed

I feel that we would all greatly benefit from another social worker who can help with not only behavior, but the increasingly high mental health needs that we are seeing in the classroom. Students are suffering from severe stress at home and are acting out at school where we are ill equipped.


We need more technology in the building. Other teachers in the district have been given Promethean boards, document cameras and projectors through the PTA or other donations. Shouldn't these items of technology be provided through the district? Shouldn't all students be given the same opportunity


More specifically, the lack of teachers. I know that teachers in general aren't plentiful. My child is in 5th grade this year. Since the beginning of 3rd grade, there have been two teachers assigned. Then a third is added. If the enrollment numbers are the same, why not add more rooms/teachers.

Things you Want your Child to Experience


I do think that the technology is a bit lacking in the Urbana classrooms. We should be upgrading with smart boards and IPads. Technology is only going to get better, we should be moving in the right direction to keep up the pace with the current trends in that department.

Indoor recess

When the kids are not able to go outside for recess, it would be nice for them to be able to play games inside or at least be able to just sit and talk. I have heard this happening more this year as opposed to last year when it seemed as if they were only watching movies during inside recess.

No Gifted Programs

I really would like to see a gifted program at the school. I believe that our district should be similar or better in comparison to neighboring school districts. We are already on the right track with Dual Language programs... we can continue to up the ante!

Be able to access to a variety of books

If we think about differentiation, the schools need more books in their libraries and classrooms.

Physical Education

It is disheartening to me that in this day and age, there are no Physical Education enrichment classes offered at Dr. Williams. Regular classroom teachers have been given this responsibility and I find that to be unacceptable. It would be nice to see P.E. being taught by a Physical Education major.











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